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What the Numbers Say

Ages 18 - 29

A majority of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years of age.

Top pick

Over 30% of teens consider Instagram the best social network.

Big numbers

In March this year, over 120 million users engaged with a business or searched for a product based on Instagram ads.

College students

Over 30% of Instagram users are in college.

8 million businesses

Over 8 million businesses are present on Instagram.

600 million

Over 600 million people use Instagram.

Social media strategy begins with a comprehensive look into your organization. Your brand, your goals, and the best way to reach your audience are all considered. Combining organic tactics and paid social media advertising, we create an encompassing plan to reach the right audience for your brand. With paid social media campaigns, we can target specific audiences likely to convert, driving your brand awareness and consideration. Your organic content supports this conversion, giving your audience a second reason to love your brand.

Then, we execute on our strategy. By employing content marketing best practices for both paid and organic content, you can instill trust in your audience, creating brand affinity.

By tracking and optimizing ongoing campaigns, we make adjustments as necessary to keep performance where you want it. And, with regular reporting, you always know how your social media platforms are performing.

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The growth we have seen on our instagram page has been tremendous and we are so pleased with StandOut Advertisings services! From communication to execution of content, they are on top of their game.