As a real estate agent, it’s your duty to sell as many properties as you can. The most common method of doing this is by gaining the interests of homebuyers and convincing them to get a house from you and nobody else! To augment this, you can rely on social media marketing; after all, there’s a wide audience to be found on such platforms!

Since most consumers prefer to scout for houses on the web—especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic—they will scroll through endless properties to find the right one for them. Now you’re going to need all the help you can get to win their attention! If you want to learn how to stand out in marketing, a professional can show you the ropes and improve your real estate tactics to increase your sales.

The Importance of SEO for the Real Estate Industry

One method you can use is search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your website’s visitors. SEO works by modifying your content through the use of relevant terms and showcasing your site’s capabilities.

Keep reading below to find out how to use SEO for real estate to improve your online presence significantly.

Incorporate Relevant Keywords

Keywords play a meaningful role in SEO, and if you learn how to use them effectively, they will be the reason you will show up more on search engine results. It’s necessary to develop a list of keywords you’re aiming to be recognized for and distribute them across your web pages accordingly.

For each page you’re planning to incorporate a set of keywords on, you must scatter them within your URL, page title, content, meta description, image title, and image alt tags. Doing so will affect your online ranking and lead more users to visit your real estate website!

Besides that, it would benefit you to do adequate research on the relevant keywords to use that are related to real estate and the areas you’re handling. Creating content on local properties will also suit the needs of your potential customers who are looking for houses in specific locations.

Apply Keywords Appropriately 

It’s a must to include keywords across your web content, specifically your blog posts and articles. But that doesn’t mean you can carelessly repeat your keywords as you please. A fair amount of using keywords involves about one to two percent of your total word count per post.

Overusing your keywords will trigger search engines to take a step back and flag your website for keyword stuffing. Adding excessive keywords will only appear unnatural and hard to believe. Instead, focus on the credibility of your information without forcing too many keywords all at once.

Writing effortlessly entails not paying too much attention to your keywords, at least until you’re done writing. You can scan through what you’ve made and begin inserting a few keywords where you see fit, without breaking the flow of your article.

Utilize the Use of Your Location

Where you’re located is a crucial part of marketing through Google as a realtor; after all, many potential clients want to know where they can find you and if your location is easily accessible to them. Since your customers will most likely be going on house viewing sessions, it’s crucial to have an embedded map displayed on your website so they can prepare and make plans to meet with you.

Besides, Google can also index your location and contact information for convenience, so the moment people try to search real estate agents near them, your site will appear in the results immediately! Having a pinned location on search engines will help buyers decide if it’s worth hiring you as their realtor as well.

Adding your location will also prove if your website is legitimate, which then improves your credibility, allowing people to know they can immediately trust you. Having a confirmed address and location enhances your reliability, giving you more chances of acquiring new customers off the bat.


Digital marketing strategies have really paved the way for real estate agents to rely on the internet to make more leads and gain better sales over time. Through the proper practice of using SEO, which includes incorporating relevant keywords, applying their appropriate use to your website, and utilizing your location, you push for higher sales rates than you previously believed you can.

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