There are several ways to making the most out of your social media. Whether it be positioning yourself to existing fans/customers or potentially new fans/customers, we will discuss 4 key practices that will help drive reputation.

Making the most of your social media presence is crucial in today’ world. Here are some ways to make your business StandOut in 2020.

1. Post more consistently

With the changes over the years, social media and business posts have become white noise to the everyday consumer browsing social media such as Facebook. The most common thing we hear today is, consistency is key. For Social Media, consistency can truly make a difference in how potential clients perceive your business. When you post on a regular basis, its sends a message to the viewers that you are there and active! Base your frequency on what you feel is attainable. For some, this may be posting daily, while others may find it more attainable to post 3 times per week. Which ever you choose, the important part is to stay on track with your plan and execute consistently.

2. Experiment with ads manager and targeted ads

It’s all too easy to just post to your page in hopes to receive engagement from existing and potentials customers. You will notice that over the weeks of consistent posted, your engagement will become stagnant or even decline. This is where targeted ads and boosted posts come into play. For as little as $5, you can push your content out to either existing fan base and their friends or select a specific target audience that does not have any connections with your page. This will help drive actual results with possibly new customers.

3. Humanize your posts

Everyone hates calling into a large company and receiving all automated system features with no real person behind them. When it comes to social media, several businesses post multiple times a day, not providing a value-add to the viewer. These types of posts aren’t focused on true engagement, but rather just trying to sell. By humanizing your posts, you can creatively and genuinely show, via pictures and cleverly written lead-ins, you are also an actual human trying to make a difference in the world of customers.

4. Keep your branding consistent

Consistency is key and the same goes for your brand. It is essential to keep your branding consistent throughout your social media pages and your website. This will allow your branding to be more concrete when it comes to customers exposure for ads and products.

Standout Advertising helps clients with these key components on a daily basis. Through strategic planning and understanding of business needs, clients can expect growth within their social media platforms within a couple weeks. Contact us today to learn more.