A New Twist On Digital Marketing

StandOut is Buffalo born and raised

Stephen Szortyka and Todd Patterson team up to bring their knowledge and skills to small businesses across the US. In early 2018, Stand Out Advertising was born. Lets meet the owners:

Stephen Szortyka

Owner of StandOut Advertising, has used his digital marketing expertise to transform several small businesses in the Buffalo area.  Stephen is an expert in social media marketing, and focuses on developing measurable marketing strategies and goals.  Stephen has used his fifteen years of marketing experience to develop some of the most successful small businesses in the event/entertainment industry.  Several of these companies  have received both locally and nationally acclaimed awards.  Stephen is a graduate of Niagara County Community College with a degree in Social Science.

Todd Patterson

Owner of StandOut Advertising, became a partner in the business after seeing the first-hand success of StandOut’s marketing strategies, in his existing small business.  Todd, is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Hilbert College, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  He graduated as a Tau Sigma Academic Honor Society member with the highest GPA in his distinction.  Todd has specialized in marketing consultation for eight years, in which he received the GCW Capital Group Achievement Award, from Hilbert College for the best overall marketing plans for several small businesses in the Buffalo area.

Through their years of experience, not only with running successful businesses, these two have successfully help build the social presence of several companies world wide. Through constant learning and understanding the change of today’s society, Steve and Todd have learned to develop unique strategies to help businesses StandOut from their competition.

So, what type of services are offered at StandOut Advertising?

  • Consulting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Manage


StandOut approaches digital marketing consultation with a strategy-first attitude. We formulate a plan grounded in measurable business and digital objectives, and hand-select individual marketing tactics to help achieve your goals. Our team will create a formal document outlining this strategy including: goal setting, overall strategic vision, recommended tactics, best business practices, timeline, and budget. Then we will either hand that work off to you, or execute it ourselves – whichever is a better fit for your organization.

Digital Marketing

This can be a great paid search option for your business. Social media platforms have a wealth of behavioral and demographic data. In a social ad campaign, we can tap into this data in order to target your audience on a very specific level.

Facebook and Instagram’s ad program has arguably the best reach and targeting options of any social media platform. The vast amounts of behavioral data that Facebook collects allows you to target individual audiences at a very specific level. Facebook also has some of the best reach capabilities, as they have over 1.3 billion active monthly users.

Google paid search is another great avenue to help drive your campaign to the right customer. Through highly detailed analytics, our ads team and content writers will work together to create a unique ad campaign that will be exposed in several different search engines such as Google, Googles affiliated partner sites, and YouTube.

Social Media Management

Social media plays an important part of the customer experience. We help drive engagement with your current customer base by interacting with your customers. Our media management team will focus on the display of positive reviews and engaging with active users regarding questions and complaints. This is key to proving that your company cares about its customers and is attentive to their needs.

StandOut Advertising will focus on reputation, user engagement, planning and posting of scheduled posts, all while completing an audit on your social media platforms to ensure the highest potential organic exposure.

We are not here to just purchase your targeted ads but to understand and align your company’s brand, story, and vision with your marketing needs. StandOut is here to help you STANDOUT by understanding your vision. Contact us here to discuss your business needs.