Looking back at the last year, we can definitely say that it has been huge for the world of PPC. There has been a lot of change due to all the Google AdWords updates, which were met with mixed reviews from users. We’ve got new audience targeting, as well as a variety of features that can boost the workflow and make you PPC campaign have a greater effect. Now that 2017 is over and we have stepped into the new year, its imperative to include PPC into your marketing budget. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the trends and reasons why you should partake in PPC.

Mobile Will Keep Growing

Tin 2018’s world of SEEO, google is moving to mobile-first index, which includes penalizing the Quality Score of your PPC is your website doesn’t follow Googles mobile policy. What does this mean? Google is focusing on fast and user-friendly mobile sites. The fact is that most of the mobile searches now go through Google, as both Apple and Android make it their primary search engines. The idea is to make sure that everyone has a quality user experience. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile and works at a slower speed, both organic and paid ranks are going to go down.

Pay Attention To Speed

Back in 2016, mobile internet users eclipsed desktop users, and the fact is that the thing that they most appreciate is speed. Their behavior pretty much shows that there is no denying to it. If your website requires more than a couple seconds to load, you are bound to drive visitors away, and your conversion rate is going to go down fast.

Focus On Personalization

2018 is the year for personalized messages to their perspective audiences. According to the experience of a PPC agency, with how detailed targeting has become, it is now easy to set up an effective campaign and write a tailored ad for a target audience. You can target a user based on their life events, such as an upcoming wedding or graduation. And you can do it months before the actual event is going to take place. In effect, you will see how your CTR’s and conversion will increase, thanks to specifically targeting users. This year, personalized ads are going to be more accurate than ever.

Even though you can never be sure what Google and other companies are going to introduce in the upcoming year, these are some of the trends that we believe are going to keep growing. Contact us today for help with your marketing needs.