For hundreds of years, the act of storytelling, whether it be oral storytelling, storyboards, books, movies, or any number of other modern and ancient mediums, has been a critical aspect of culture. It is often said that you can never truly know a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. It is physically impossible to do this, of course, but storytelling is one of the best methods of developing empathy with another person.

Storytelling has been a vital element of personal and professional development for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, organizations have used story-driven marketing tactics for decades to better connect with customers and improve sales. In this guide, we focus on how you can utilize storytelling in the digital world and use it for your business strategy.

A Story to Tell

A ‘story’ is a topic about which a piece of writing, a film, a play, or any other form of media is created. This can include an image, a person, an organization, or a place. A story can be based on imagination as well as real-life experiences.

When it comes to business, communicating the story of a company or brand to a wide audience is beneficial in many ways. The story which is told can be critical to the impression the audience has of the brand, the products and services the business offers, and the identity of the organization. Storytelling is a great way to create a compelling message which will resonate with prospective audiences.

The Importance of Stories in Our Culture

Humans have been telling stories since the beginning of time. There’s even evidence to suggest that Stone Age people used cave paintings and drawings as storytelling mediums some 35,000 years ago. From these early beginnings in the arts to the relatively recent advent of the Internet, stories have been part of human culture and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future.

It’s also clear that people love stories. Even in today’s business landscape, people are drawn to stories, and they are an essential aspect of how modern companies communicate with their customers, employees, and investors.

How to Tell a Story With Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is inclusive. It includes text, audio, video, images, and any other type of digital media. The idea behind digital storytelling is to present a story with a beginning, middle, and end. This allows the audience to feel like they have experienced the story.

Just like in traditional storytelling, digital stories must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the beginning, you will want to establish a problem or challenge which is faced by the characters in your story. Then, you want to develop a scenario that causes the problem or challenge to take place.

A story is told with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Image source

Finally, you want to develop an outcome that resolves the main problem or challenge. This is the end of the story.

How Digital Storytelling Can Be Used for Business

There are a number of ways in which digital storytelling can be used by businesses and organizations to improve their marketing strategy, website content, and overall image in the eyes of their audiences.

1. Branding

Digital storytelling can be used to create a cohesive brand image. This image can include the tone of voice, the visual style, and any other factors which help create a unique identity for the business.

Storytelling can also be used to humanize the brand and make it stand out from the competition. For example, a tech startup may want to use storytelling to show their customers that they are a group of friends who know what they’re doing in a market that is full of competitors.

2. Evolving the Business

Storytelling can be used to share timely or relevant information about the business. This information can be about the products and services offered, the business strategy, the culture, or any other aspect of the company.

3. Marketing

When incorporated into marketing strategies, story-driven companies can increase the number of leads who will purchase from them. For example, HostGator created a viral video in 2013 which was used to promote their web hosting services and increase brand exposure.

4. Website Content

A company’s website should tell the story of the business, the products and services offered, and the benefits which customers will receive when purchasing from the company. Digital storytelling is a great tool for creating website content that will entice customers to learn more about the business and ultimately purchase the products or services.

5. Employee Engagement

Storytelling can be used to inspire and engage your employees, thereby improving productivity and the overall quality of their work.

The Benefits of Using Digital Storytelling for Business

As we’ve outlined in this guide, storytelling is an incredibly effective tool for entreating your audiences and improving your brand perception, website content, and business strategy.

This guide clearly demonstrates how and why your business should consider using digital storytelling. Here are some additional benefits and reasons why it is important to become a digital storyteller.

1. It Humanizes Your Brand

Your business is unique in its own way. For example, perhaps your organization has a different approach to a certain product or service than its competitors. Digital storytelling is a great tool for showing customers that your business’s brand is more than a company; it’s a place where people are allowed to express themselves creatively and where they can be themselves.

Storytelling shows that your organization is diverse, relatable to your customers, and deeply cares about the people it serves.

2. It Connects Your Customers to Your Business

Storytelling helps your customers to see that your brand has a face. Your customers can relate to a story that your business has created. This means that they will feel a stronger connection to the brand, and they may be more likely to purchase your products or services.

The same is true for your employees. Digital storytelling can help your employees feel a stronger connection to the company and its mission. Storytelling also helps promote ınclusiveness and diversity in the workplace, improving workplace culture and building morale.

3. It Makes Your Business More Competitive

Storytelling is a great way to differentiate your business from your competition. A story is something which can be specific to your business. It can be based on your employees, products, services, or any other aspect of the business which makes you unique and different from the competition.


In the digital world, storytelling is an effective tool for businesses to use in order to differentiate themselves from the competition, connect with their customers, employees, and investors, and improve their overall brand perception and reputation. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your digital stories today!

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