How to Do Responsible Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By StandOut

From temporary shutdowns to remote work, the global COVID-19 outbreak has put businesses across the world out of order. Large enterprises and small businesses alike are struggling to keep the lights on, so digital marketing is more important than ever as it remains one of the few stable and go-to advertising portals during this pandemic.

However, now is not the right time to think about seizing opportunities aggressively. Everyone has their own needs during these trying times, so businesses need to take a step back and analyze how their content can be helpful to customers, even if you don’t provide essential products or services.

With that in mind, the tips below are some ways you can create a basic action plan in a responsible way of moving forward.

Tip #1: Evaluate Your Content Schedule and Adjust the Timeline as Necessary

There are leading brands that can quickly pick themselves up after the pandemic hit by turning their campaigns around to spread awareness regarding the coronavirus. Giants like Ford, for instance, released a coronavirus-response campaign instead of their usual vehicle ads.

Businesses that dedicate their resources to producing a full campaign on a response to the pandemic is an excellent way to reach out to your audience, but it also comes with high risks. It can also come off as a stretch for most, so be sure to evaluate your scheduled content timeline first before making your next move.

Tip #2: Communicate How Your Business Can Help During these Times

The primary purpose of most brands, if not all, is to provide value to their customers through their quality products and services. If you know your services can enhance your customers’ experience during the lockdown, expand on your benefits and how it is relevant to the current situation.

If your business does not have any products or services that can be directly helpful to the cultural moment, you can still contribute to your audience by creating content that can educate or inspire people stuck at home.

Tip #3: Never Capitalize on the Crisis

Even if your business is selling products that are highly important during these times, such as essential goods, face masks, toiletries, and more, always mind your tone when pitching it. Avoid tactless messaging that includes making hot sales as it can either come off as clueless or offensive.

Brands also have a responsibility to inform their customers about the proactive measures they take in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, be mindful of your words and avoid adding heat to the flame.

Speaking of which, many customers rely on brands to stay positive, but that doesn’t mean you can be ignorant. For instance, offering sincere good wishes to your consumers is an act of positivity that everyone can appreciate. Posting survival tips on how to stay productive while working at home can also be useful to other workers who are adjusting to the remote life.

Conclusion: Sharing Your Sympathy as a Brand to Your Customers Should Be the Priority

Some content plans in your pipeline can wait until the outbreak subsides, others need to be prioritized as launching the content is imminent. Messages that center on supporting your customers, for example, is an excellent way to market your brand and strengthen your connection with customers during this economic downturn.

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