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Google Ads 101 – 4 Tips To Improve Your Click-Through Rate

By Stephen Szortyka For the businesses of today, it’s incredibly crucial to establish a substantial online presence—through it, one can remain relevant within the sphere of its consumers. Just as with traditional marketing, digital marketing strategies rely a lot on advertising to drive their products’ sales up. The innovations of today has led to the […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

By Stephen Szortyka In the world of digital marketing, it goes without saying that the field of search engine marketing is as complicated and competitive as they come. With more and more business owners realizing the power of going online and taking their promotional efforts with a digital approach in mind, it’s no secret that […]

3 Truths of Standing Out With Your Digital Marketing Efforts

By Stephen Szortyka For any business that’s looking to excel in digital marketing, it goes without saying that staying ahead of the competition is the main goal of any campaign. As the number of companies that take their promotional efforts up a notch and adopt digital marketing strategies grows each day, the need to stand […]

A Digital Marketing Must – Business Marketing with Google Ads Campaigns Part 3

By Stephen Szortyka Digital Marketing Tips – The Basics of Google Ads Part 3 Last month, our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) blog series covered the basics of creating an enticing ad copy and understanding campaign structure.  This month our SEM blog series will continue its focus on Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing for business.  Last […]