Tips in Leveraging PPC to Stand Out From Your Competitors – Our guide

By StandOut

Among all the different factors that continue to make their presence known in the digital marketing industry, none have posed an even bigger challenge than the aspect of competition.

With the digital landscape growing even wider and being packed with more businesses looking to cash in on available opportunities, one of the most important tasks is to stand out. No matter what niche your market or industry may be, you may have at least one or two competitors to deal with when getting the biggest share in your market.

As more and more businesses continue to flood the web and make it far more difficult to gain an edge over the competition, there’s one tool that you can use to stand out: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing.


The role of PPC marketing in shaping the digital landscape

Alternatively known as paid search marketing, PPC marketing has become a topic of discussion among most businesses because of how advantageous it can be when used properly. In comparison with other strategies that cost a fortune and achieve fewer results, pay-per-click advertising itself follows through on its promises of guaranteed results.

Thanks to the advent of search engines and their widespread influence on the success of any strategy, the PPC approach is essential if you want to garner significant results. Additionally, this strategy is even more important because it helps any business gain a competitive edge without doing anything drastic in the process, all while yielding greater ROI along the way.

How you can use PPC to your business’s advantage

An unspoken truth that any business owner should get familiar with when using this tool is that it will only be beneficial if it’s partnered with the right approaches. To best ensure that your efforts are headed in the right direction, here are three tips well worth considering:

Tip #1: Use ad extensions to your advantage

One of the most fundamental tips that anyone should take into mind when building a PPC strategy that stands out is to use ad extensions as much as possible.

Add-ins, such as site links and other options found in Google AdWords, help increase the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign without making drastic revisions. When used correctly, various additions, such as phone numbers, business locations, and business descriptions, help boost every ad’s chance of raking in more results and boosting its overall click-through rate (CTR)!

Tip #2: Capitalize on the power of USP-laden ad copy

A vital truth in the world of digital marketing is that any PPC ad is only as good as the ad copy it’s paired with, making it even more essential to start inserting USPs in your drafts. If you’ve been having trouble when trying to set up your campaigns and launch them, maximizing Google Ad’s additional character limit with additional USPs and hot phrases can help make a difference!

Tip #3: Focus on retargeting

Another part of any successful PPC marketing campaign is the power of retargeting. By taking the time to build your strategies with carefully-placed pieces, proper observations, and well-placed retargeting ads, you’ll be able to follow up on any potential customers who are more likely to convert!


When it comes to standing out in today’s highly-competitive digital marketing landscape, one of the most effective methods that you should wield is a well-built PPC marketing strategy that’s bound to get results. By taking the three tips mentioned above into mind, you’ll be able to see significant developments and tremendous conversion rates from your efforts in no time!

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