In the first 10 years of being publicly available, social media platforms have managed to garner over 1 billion users. With networks such as Facebook that are (quite literally) taking over the world, it’s important that your business stays ahead of the game by enhancing your social media marketing campaigns. If you haven’t yet incorporated the methods below, it’s time to get started.

Outline your goals

It should go without saying that creating a solid marketing goal should come before jumpstarting your campaign. Lay your goals out visually—this helps make them more tactile and approachable. Ensure that your goals are realistic and measurable and to set a deadline for achieving them.

Get to know your audience

Your business can’t succeed without knowing the wants, needs, and pain points of your target audience. To get a better understanding of who your ideal customer is, you can try any of the following tactics.

  • Conducting a survey
  • Studying audience demographics
  • Participating in conversations on forums
  • Engage with users on social media
  • Ask for feedback

Produce different content for different platforms

Once a simple way to post photos and status updates, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are now rife with opportunities to share videos, blog posts, and other valuable content. If you’re producing the same type of content over and over again, you aren’t making the best use of your platforms.

Assign roles to each platform that correspond to certain goals. Perhaps you’re using Twitter to provide your followers with important updates and Instagram to highlight product features. Providing diversified content to your target audience can help you determine which types work best.

Use video content

Most consumers are visual learners, so giving them an opportunity to learn about your business and what it does through how-to videos or recorded testimonials can up your conversions. You don’t need a sky-high budget to create well-performing videos. Anyway, your clients aren’t necessarily looking for production value—providing them with meaningful and useful information will be enough.

Share user-generated content

Part of a successful social media marketing campaign is building a strong relationship with your followers. Sharing your buyers’ experiences with others gives new customers a better insight into your brand and can inspire their purchasing decisions. Not to mention, it humanizes your brand and makes customers feel heard and appreciated.

Educate your followers

Regardless of your sales goals, it’s important to provide your customers with practical advice and useful information. This reinforces your status as an industry expert and the fact that you know what you’re talking about. Especially on social media, these types of posts can trigger an excellent word-of-mouth chain that gets people talking.

Promote less

Ironic as it is, your consumers don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. If you’ve heard the buzzword “storytelling” during a social media management meeting, it’s for a good reason. Storytelling is educational in itself and can be a better method of connecting with your audience.


Our increasingly digital landscape is giving consumers the opportunity to become instantly gratified from wherever they are. As more resources become available online, it’s imperative that you take advantage of social media channels.

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