When creating a website, you need to consider several factors. These factors make or break how your audience will react to your content. Kick-ass website design can engage visitors while a poorly designed one will let your efforts flush down the drain. Here are the factors you should incorporate in your website design to increase positive audience reception:

Brand image

Branding refers to how your audience perceives you. It is vital to have a brand image that effectively communicates your business’s essence. Otherwise, a poorly designed website might transmit a different brand image and can impact your business significantly.


Colors have a particular effect on the human brain. Different colors produce different reactions, induce different moods, and create mixed emotions. It is best to find a color that effectively communicates your goal for a specific page. Since your website is composed of different pages, it is counterproductive in excellent website design to have it all in monochromatic design. You must understand color associations and learn how to utilize them to maximize audience interaction. Pro Tip: If you want to establish trust, use the color blue. If you want customers to perceive your products as high-quality, pick the color black for your product pages.


Clean and simple is the way to go. In this setup, you can highlight important parts that need your audience’s attention. Otherwise, your audience might have a hard time finding the key message if everything else is flashy. Pro Tip: Experiment with different layouts and split-test which one syncs best with your audience.


Similar to layout, choose fonts that are clean and simple. A hard-to-read font defeats the purpose of its existence—people need to be able to read it to understand it. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll limit your fonts to the traditional styles like Arial or Calibri. There are fun, spunky fonts available that are easy to read, even by the elderly audience. With that said, your website design should find the right mix between readability and creativity. You can also hire a graphic designer to customize your font specifically for your website.

Website accessibility

Aside from aesthetics, website design also deals with the ease of usage. As such, your website must be easily accessible to all audiences. What does that mean? It means that your website should be disability-friendly and poor-friendly. For the disability-friendly part, you might have color-blind visitors who are eager to avail of your services. It is crucial to pick colors that are easily distinguished by the color-blind. For the poor-friendly part, your website must be able to run on the simplest devices. Not everyone can purchase high-capacity equipment to improve their internet experience. With that said, your website design should be fully functional even on low-spec devices.


You should invest in your website design if you want your online endeavors to succeed. The investment will pull in better ROI if your site can impress your visitors with its excellent design. Aside from providing a good user experience, visitors can navigate through a site with kick-ass website design with ease. Because of that, your website can help build customer relationships triggered by the positive experience they received. Are you looking for a website design company? We have experience in creating user-friendly websites that are chic and accessible. Get in touch with us to see how we can design your website.