7 PPC Myths to Avoid in 2022

By StandOut

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is one of the essential marketing methods that has withstood the test of time. PPC, often known as sponsored advertisements, is an integral component of a digital marketing strategy.

In this post, we clarify several PPC fallacies that have plagued the digital marketing industry and tarnished PPC.

1. Being First on the SERPs Guarantees Profits

Without a doubt, being in the top spot provides your ad the most attention and exposure.

While in the first place, there may be additional conversions. This, however, does not always occur. The first position attracts many searchers who are most likely simply looking and have no intention of completing a purchase.

They spend some of your PPC cash by clicking on your ad, which is by far the first ad in the SERP, and if they do not convert, you have squandered that portion. If your company’s objective is to raise brand recognition, being number one is unquestionably a wonderful place to be. However, if you are more prone to make conversions, be wary of the #1 position. Also, keep experimenting with ad positions to discover which one works best for you and allows you to reach all of your business objectives.

2. PPC Advertising is The Best Way to Get to Number 1

This is a common PPC myth that has been around for a long time. Many businesses, particularly startups, want to utilize just PPC to rank first on Google’s SERP page, with no SEO strategy in place. PPC does have the capacity to get you in front of SERPs, but it will cost you a large percentage of your marketing budget.

There is no guarantee, however, that SEO will help you rank higher on the SERP page. One thing to remember is that combining PPC with SEO will yield excellent results. Unless you are a vast company that no longer requires branding, you should use PPC and SEO to rank higher, if not first, on the SERP page.

3. PPC Doesn’t Work Anymore

PPC advertisements have a lower click-through rate when compared to other paid search advertising methods. However, this does not imply that they are ineffective. When, in reality, people are impacted by display advertising even when they do not click. Consider display and banner advertisements, which are similar to billboards and TV commercials. Ad advertising may be an active component of your digital marketing plan if you consider the quantity of exposure you can obtain at a reduced cost.

4. You Can Create a PPC Campaign and Then Forget About It

Keep in mind that while you execute your campaign, you should be searching for ways to improve it. You must continually examine your movements; you must continue to test what works and what does not.

To maximize your returns, you must either reduce or increase your bid based on traffic and switch off and turn on at the appropriate times. As a result, many firms seek the assistance of PPC services, which can devote their time and experience to getting the most out of your campaigns. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


Before believing in misconceptions or trends surrounding digital marketing initiatives such as PPC, one must investigate the source of the problem and seek solutions for better marketing.

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