At this point, many of us have heard so much about the importance of search engine optimization that one mention of it is enough to make us roll our eyes. No matter how many times someone has told you that a well-designed website is crucial for a high search engine results page ranking, it remains applicable.

It might not seem like it, but having a responsive website that’s home to great content is essential to effectively marketing through Google and attracting customers asking questions relevant to your products and services.

SEO isn’t just about using the right keywords to stay on people’s radar, it’s also about incorporating it with beautiful and functional website design. Read on further below to find out the many ways they both affect where you stand on the SERPs.

Web Design Requires Mobile Friendliness

Six out of ten consumers using Google do so via their smartphones. From this statistic alone, it’s clear that the best way to optimize your website for Google is by designing a website that caters to mobile device users while looks great on any other screen.

Mobile-friendly web design means that your website should be responsive and adapts to the screen size your customers are using. It also includes the text and images on your website. These websites are generally built with WordPress Web Design.

To ensure that all the elements of your site work properly, test your website on a mobile-first platform before using it on other devices. It will improve your SEO and help you scale the rankings on Google.

Web Design Prioritizes Usability

Web traffic isn’t just about the number of visitors you get regularly, but also the conversion or the amount of time they spend on your website. It is based on your website’s ability to maintain users’ interest with the content provided and the way they’re laid out.

Creating a website entails having a functional design that’s easy to understand so users can freely find their way through the site and locate what they need. It results in more time browsing, better engagement, and increased usage of backlinks, which are all connected to Google.

Web Design Goes Hand-In-Hand With Content

A website that showcases clear, direct, and informative content has better chances of earning a place on Google’s first page radar. When consumers try to navigate your site, they expect the flow to be flawless, easy to grasp, and appealing to the eyes.

The keywords should be located where it’s needed, and the information you’re producing is reliable and made to inspire solutions based on your customer’s questions. If you provide the right data, you could even get the chance to appear on a Google snippet that appears just before the list of search engine results.

The use of enlightening blog posts, FAQs, and other relevant information are some of the simple ways that are considered quality content. A website containing educational ideas has more chances of getting a better ranking and, therefore, more leads!

Web Design Optimizes Loading Times

Efficient web design involves fast yet straightforward results, including the page speed of your site. It’s avoiding irrelevant content, so Google can index your website better and eliminate bounce rates or your customers’ ability to leave as soon as they click through.

Slow-loading pages lead to a decrease in your conversions, and you don’t want that. Good web design keeps formatting and image optimization in mind, aiming to minimize loading time as much as possible.

Web Design Requires A Well-Defined Site Map

A site map that’s easy to decipher means your website’s structure makes sense to users and not just to you. Your pages are linked together, so leading to correct locations on your website should be carefully thought out to avoid errors and dead ends.

Your customers should divert back to the page that contains the product or service they’re looking for without facing any difficulty. With the help of SEO, the structure of your site map can function as expected.


Great website design and SEO work hand-in-hand because they guarantee Google and your potential customers can find your website. With the ever-changing algorithm of search engines, you’re going to need all the help you can get to maintain your ranking.

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